After-Barn Door by Jim Kalb

​​​Our interior clay wall finishes combine a collection of timeless natural earthen plasters, derived from the clays selected from the quarries in New Mexico, that address every possible need and style, for any interior, smooth to rustic, classic to contemporary.

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​American Clay...

Unique Organic & Toxic Free Wall Finishes

Unprecedented Warmth and Emotion

Before-Barn Door

​For millennia, mineral pigments have been prized as colorants.  ​Our pigments are sourced from all over the natural world.  The earliest know pigments were natural.  Pigments such as ochres and iron oxides have been used as colorants since prehistoric times.  The appearance of Pigments is intimately connected to the color of the source of light. 

Stainless Steal Back Splash

"Bringing rooms to life"

American Clay is an organic, healthy wall finish choice.  When applied to your walls or ceiling creates a stunning, soft, natural finish, with a gentle sparkle from the mica found in our clays.  Jim is applying the base coat,  Kathleen, top coat.  Below Kathleen is here carving a custom Design for a clients Zen bathroom.


American Clay ceiling & walls

Healthier indoor environment. 

​American Clay balances the humidity, taking in moisture in the Minnesota summers and releasing it to lift humidity in the dry winters.  Clay plasters add negative ions to the air, which help neutralize the electromagnetic effect created by computers, appliances and synthetic plastics prevalent in today's homes.

Negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions in the body that increase the serotonin level, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost daytime energy.


Earthen Plasters

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